MATE Assessment

Mental Ability Tests & Education for Preschoolers & Adolescents (MATE)

We are at the doorsteps of the schools with our Expert Team for conducting day long camp for learners.

As per NEP 2022, the government’s initiative to improve and enhance the mental health of the students would be fulfilled only with the keen involvement and participation of the schools.

Mental Ability Check -Up Camp

Understand the pre-schoolers :

For pre-schoolers the formal school environment may be challenging. These tender minds should be understood. A teacher can transform herself into a facilitator when she touches these minds & helps them to prepare for this big, harsh world awaiting for them near future.

We are conducting mental health camp for these Pre-school learners to pass on some important information to their facilitators. We are going to conduct screening tests for these young mind & generate reports This will be resource to the schools and the teachers in the teaching learning process.

Understand teens :

When the learners enter into their adolescences they are vulnerable & pass through many mental changes.There is a priority shift in their life. They need to take important decision about their future career.

We are conducting Mental Health Camp for these group for conducting psychometric assessments &facilitating them to take important decision about their career. They will be supported to cope up with this world outside in a better way.

Indian Statistics

Percentage of Children and Adolescents Vulnerable to Mental Disorder

Weighted Prevalence

No Children Should be Left Behind !

  • Various tools on mental health assessment.
  • Awareness on mental ability.