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Occupational Therapy

About The Course

Occupational therapy is a health-promoting program that helps children with special needs to participate in activities that are meaningful and purposeful. We provide occupational therapy to help children become independent, productive, and meaningful.

Children with behavioral or emotional disabilities work with our highly skilled occupational therapists to gain the skills they need to succeed in a normal educational setup. Our highly professional, occupational therapists play a critical part in children`s developmental milestones. They are trained professionals that assist these children in performing daily chores such as cleaning and washing, cooking, putting on clothes, interacting with those around, and activities associated with work and study.

Our occupational therapists are in charge of several activities for children with special needs, including care coordination and case management. We work closely with children and their families to create an occupational therapy plan that will help them meet their educational goals. Developmental delays, Autism, Down syndrome, Birth traumas or deformities, Sensory processing disorder, Amputations, Cerebral palsy, and Multiple Sclerosis are just a few of the conditions that benefit from occupational therapy provided. Though the list is extensive, consulting with one of our highly skilled occupational therapists can assist children with special needs in determining whether or not this therapy is suitable for them.

Occupational therapy in our renowned organization can assist special needs children in several ways, including improving their fine motor skills and coordination. The occupational therapy strategy that we employ includes activities that help children develop their fine motor skills and coordination. Children who receive occupational therapy from our organization often exhibit improvements in their physical and mental development. Children get help from our occupational therapists to develop and improve communication, cognitive, motor, and sensory processing skills, which have resulted in these benefits.

Our therapists use an occupational therapy technique to assist children in achieving their academic educational goals. Children can learn to control unpleasant emotions like frustration and rage with the help of occupational therapy. The therapists are responsible for helping children to control and express their emotions, such as via writing or physical activity. Working with our therapists can help special needs children gain the skills and tools they need to succeed in school and later in life. This therapy enables children to become more independent in their daily tasks. The therapy we provide aid in the physical and mental development of children with autism, Down`s syndrome, and other special needs.

The occupational therapy we provide addresses motor development, self-regulation, and sensory demands utilizing a range of modalities. Sensory integration strategies we implement in occupational therapy aid children who are sensitive to touch and clothing textures.

Sensory integration such as left-right integration, planning and sequencing, gross motor skills, balance, and coordination is a technique used by our highly proficient occupational therapists to assist children with learning disabilities that are crucial for rewiring and priming the brain. The occupational therapy we provide can help bridge the gap between children with various needs and their developmentally appropriate surroundings. This is especially true for children with autism, ADHD, and cerebral palsy.

Our occupational therapists specialize in Neuro-rehab and work with children who have had strokes, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson`s disease, and other conditions to make them self-sufficient in their chosen field of work and assist them in becoming more independent in their daily activities.

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Course Curriculum :

Our valued occupational therapy helps children of various ages who have physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges. It helps them achieve independence in many aspects of their lives and overcome challenges. The learners are taught a variety of rehabilitation techniques, including how to treat mentally and physically challenged children.

  • Enhancing their performance
  • Aiding their daily activities
  • Boosting their confidence and sense of accomplishment

Benifits :

The benefits of the occupational therapy services we provide for children with special needs help them develop fine motor skills, improve eye-hand coordination, and learn basic life skills. When such children experience frustration and rage while interacting with their classmates, they develop positive behavior and social skills.

  • Effective learning
  • Increases Independence
  • Improves memory
  • Internal Modifications

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