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About The Course

Triumph over Disabilities:

Our objective is to be an educational teaching leader in the fields of human development, health, and welfare of children, through our ability to enhance. We highlight some helpful strategies for children with learning difficulties through our extensive sources, as well as creativity and activities. We provide instructors, and parents, interested in assisting their children in developing strong, self-assured reading skills with the best research-based solutions available.

Premature Indication Detection

  • Differentiating between right and left.
  • Difficulties in learning letters, numerals, colors, and other concepts.
  • Issues with word pronunciation.
  • Problem associating the alphabet and its sounds.
  • Trouble holding and managing pastels and pencils.

Disabilities Turn Abilities

Our instructors employ comprehensive program resources while instructing children who have learning difficulties. Our learners are provided with the necessary support and assistance to accomplish their learning goals. Our main goal is to provide all the information needed on the problems faced by children with learning difficulties and their symptoms. After finishing their program under the leadership of our kind and attentive instructors, the children improve considerably.

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