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About The Course

Parent Empowerment Platform:

Our PTM (Parents as Partners) program provides a fantastic opportunity for parents and instructors to exchange information about a child's overall development that enhances and expands their perspectives in a variety of ways. We strive to develop children with fully integrated personalities. We integrate children, instructors, and parents under the same roof working together to provide quality education and develop a child into a well-rounded personality.

Association led Implication

  • For the child's benefit, PTM offers parents and instructors a chance to collaborate.
  • The child’s performance is evaluated both academically and recreationally using PTM.
  • Parent-instructor-child collaboration creates opportunities for improving a child’s performance through PTM.
  • Using PTM makes it possible to share perspectives and understand the child's strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is imperative that the school implements PTM in order to determine what the child needs.

Potential Monitoring Methodology

We bridge the gap and establish a line of communication between parents and teachers, enabling parents' active involvement to significantly improve their children's academic achievement through our PTM (Parents as Partners). Our experienced instructors continue to modify their ways of handling children in the learning environment to ensure their efforts are executed in the right direction. In addition, they guide parents to improve their comments and feedback.

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