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About The Course

Children with special needs receive special education. A disability may include learning difficulties, physical impairments, or behavioral or emotional dysfunction. Those with disabilities need extra support to succeed in school. Students with disabilities receive individualized instruction through special education. Despite maintaining the same curriculum, special education students are taught and tested differently. The curriculum includes various activities and teaching methods.

Learning objectives are the same for all learners, regardless of their disabilities. This puts the children on an equal footing with their peers. In order to identify weak points and strengths, each special needs student is given extra attention. Then, the student's weaknesses and strengths are addressed. However, the students are taught and tested differently even though the special education material remains the same. This includes updated teaching methods and activities for special education.

Children ranging in age from birth to 12 years old and above have praised us for providing specialized occupational skills training that is highly successful. All efforts are made to help them develop their physical and mental ability, creative skills, aptitudes and interests for careers, and other skills required to become independent. In addition to vocational training, these young children are given social and cultural acceptance and fulfillment through social engagement. We provide vocational training for exceptional children as a means to enable them to advance in their careers and live better lives.

Almost all of the skills they learn are used in their daily bread and butter as a result of the training they receive. As well as skill development, we work on vocabulary and communication. The activities associated with everyday survival allow them to be quite independent in their efforts. Despite the severity of a child's intellectual disability or developmental delay, we believe that any child, given the right and adequate opportunity, can achieve personal and professional fulfillment. The result is that they are financially independent. Children with abilities like these are intentionally involved in jobs designed to exploit them. In order to maximize their output, they combine technology with innovation to boost their productivity.

Their Career Training Plans for special needs children are based on their aptitude, needs, and abilities. A task or product level of skill was developed and they are trained to work in an aided environment. Employment can be sought that matches their skills and qualifications with our job placement services. Despite our common sympathy for exceptional children and our desire to create a world in which all children have equal opportunity, there are cases when a higher degree of impartiality is required - particularly for children with intellectual disabilities that have difficulty with discretion due to cognitive impairments.

It is imperative that we provide intellectually challenged children with the support and encouragement they require in order to harness their full potential while feeling empowered. The children with disabilities are taught vocational skills based on their interests, such as weaving, handloom weaving, file making, envelopes, hand-crafted paper or clay accessories, selling coffee or tea with a machine, salad making, personal cleanliness, physical exercise, and gardening, among others.

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Course Curriculum :

In terms of vocational training, we organize:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Ceremonies and celebrations
  • Presentations
  • Guardianship programs
  • Trips and excursions
  • Healthcare events

Here's where we can help children get an occupation:

  • A physical environment that is conducive to learning
  • Support in determining the skills that these children can use
  • Flexible methods and objectives
  • Suitable Task

    After completing their training, children with special needs are placed in Aided Workshops, where they are assigned appropriate career-oriented roles based on their abilities.

  • Computer Lessons
  • Stitching and Sewing
  • Culinary and household chores
  • Clay Modeling and Craft Work
  • Designing Cards and gifts
  • Sketching and Coloring
Our main purpose is as follows:
  • Educating special needs children by providing them with professional vocational training and preparing them for skill-based professions.
  • Empowering them by providing vocational skill-based training so that they can obtain skilled employment and earn independently.
  • Providing them with technical education that we believe can help in the development of their skills required for special children that is one of the key factors in projecting our country as a leading one.
  • Making them meet current skill-based training demands.
  • Aspiring these children to obtain better employment in the future.
  • Get the successful learners with an occupational placement facility.

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